Pathologic Fx (cancer, Infection)

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  • Pathologic fx (cancer, infection)


  • Underlying bone is weakened, typically by cancer or infection
  • Primary bone cancer (osteoscarcoma)
  • Metastatic cancer to bone (e.g. prostate, breast, lung, renal, thyroid, melanoma)
  • Multiple myeloma. plasmacytoma
  • Leukemia, lymphoma
  • Chronic infection affecting bone, occurring by direct extension or systemic spread (e.g. chronic bacterial osteomyelitis, TB, other)

Risk Factors

  • Known cancer, w/potential to metastasize to bone
  • Immuncompromised or systemically ill w/infxn that could seed bone or enter via direct extension


  • Acute pain and fracture w/minimal or less than expected force
  • May also have progressive symptoms of pain, fever, wt loss, etc related to underlying process (e.g. cancer, infxn)