Diffuse Large Cell Lymphoma

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  • Diffuse Large Cell Lymphoma


  • 30% of NHL

Risk Factors

  • Average age 65


  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Sweat
  • Adenopathy in chest, abd, pelvis, periphery
  • Can also affect GI tract, bone marrow & other extra-nodal tissues
  • Intravascular lymphoma (rare) can have systemic sx, but no findings (dx by random skin bx)
  • Can directly invade connective tissue of PNS or Cranial Nerves, causing neurolymphomatosis; most common symptom is pain; also numbness and weakness; overall uncommon (5% of lymphomas) but occurs mostly in DLBC
  • Overall, tends to be aggressive, w/rapid development of symptoms and findings

Physical Exam Findings

  • Adenopathy
  • Sometimes splenomegaly
  • Sometimes painful peripheral neuropathy
  • Sometimes decreased sensation, weakness