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  • HIV


  • All organ systems

Risk Factors

  • Ivdu
  • Drug/etoh abuse
  • Hx other sti's
  • Men who have sex with men
  • Unprotected intercourse
  • Sex with prostitutes
  • Sex with someone known hiv +
  • Transfusion with unscreened blood
  • Health care worker's with needle stick injury
  • Risks of unusual infection increase as CD4 declines (see organ specific sx); typically 6-10 y after infxn (if untreated)


  • Symptoms depend on degree of immunocompromise
  • Acute HIV presentation with F, chills, other (see links below)
  • As CD4 declines, can develop symptoms in any organ system (see links below)

Physical Exam Findings

  • F
  • Weight loss
  • Sweats
  • Adenopathy
  • Oral ulcers
  • Oral thrush (low CD4)
  • Any organ system can be affected: see links below for specific organ-based symptoms and findings