Major Depression

Risk Factors

  • Risk factors for suicide: prior suicide attempts, male (higher risk of successful completion), depression or other mental illness (though can be an impulsive act), substance use (can increase impulsivity), access to lethal means (e.g. guns)


  • 5 or more symptoms present most days, x> 2w, causing distress or functional impairment
  • Feeling sad, hopeless, empty; little interest or pleasure in doing things; impaired sleep (too much or too little); weight loss or weight gain: decreased or increased eating; appearing agitated or slowed down; low energy/fatigue; feelings of worthlessness or inappropriate guilt; diminished ability to think or concentrate; thoughts of death, wanting harming self
  • No other medical condition, substance, other process that can explain these sx
  • PHQ2 screen: over past 2w--> little interest or pleasure in doing things; feeling down depressed or hopeless
  • PHQ9 can f/u positive PHQ2