Bed Bugs

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  • Bed bugs


  • Bites by small parasite, Cimex Lectularius
  • Bites humans for blood meal

Risk Factors

  • Sleeping in homes, hotels, other that are infested
  • Not everyone reacts


  • Feeds at night
  • Highly puritic, discrete, erythematous, macules at site(s) of bite
  • Most often affects exposed areas of body (hands, feet, head)
  • Typically resolve w/in 7d if exposure stops
  • Bed bug is 5mm, reddish brown, and often visible (if affected person looks at time of exposure)

Physical Exam Findings

  • Discrete, puritic, erythematous macules at bite site(s)
  • Often appear in groups of 3 bites, arranged in linear distribution
  • Hands, feet, face (i.e. uncovered areas) most commonly affected