Systemic Disorder - Infections | HIV Associated

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  • Systemic Disorder - Infections | HIV associated


  • Hiv risk factors→ men who have sex w/men, unprotected intercourse, sex w/prostitutes, sex w/someone known hiv +, ivdu, transfusion w/unscreened blood, drug/etoh abuse, hx other sti's, health care worker's w/needle stick injury
  • Risks of unusual infection increase as CD4 declines


  • CNS toxo
  • Acute infection→ fever, chills, sweats, adenopathy, rash, pharyngitis w/in 2-4 weeks - then resolves
  • Latency until sx develop 6-10y after initial infxn (if not treated) related to drop in CD4: generalized sx include f, c, cough, wt loss
  • Other illnesses: mucosal candidiasis
  • Fungal, mtb lung infection
  • Persistent diarrhea
  • Non hodgkins lymphoma
  • Kaposis sarcoma of skin, adenopathy, etc