Reactive Arthritis (Formerly Reiters)

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  • Reactive Arthritis (Formerly Reiters)


  • Linked to prior gu and gi infxns in particular, but now known to be linked to any infection

Risk Factors

  • M>f
  • Onset 30s
  • Onset ~ 1-4 weeks following infection (GU chlamydia, enteritis, other)


  • Dysuria
  • Chronic LBP and SI joint pain, morning stiffness, decreased ROM
  • Asymmetric migratory arthritis affecting one to few joints: knees, ankles, wrists in particular
  • Also eye, finger and oral sx
  • Joint sx resolve w/in 6m in 50%

Physical Exam Findings

  • Oral ulcers
  • Warmth, pain and redness of affected joints
  • Pain over SI joints and low back
  • Dactylics→ finger/toe swelling
  • Enthesiitis→ tendon insertions
  • Uveitis, conjunctivitis