Eikenella (E Corrodens)

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  • Eikenella (E Corrodens)


  • Hands
  • Arms or anyplace that bite occurs
  • Rarely endocarditis→ HACEK organism


  • Gram negative rod

Risk Factors

  • Lives in human mouth
  • Assoc w/human bite e.g. when fist hits mouth/teeth during fight


  • Acute pain, redness, swelling, pain w/movement of fingers if tenosynovitis
  • Subacute f, c if endocarditis

Physical Exam Findings

  • Wound where bite occurred, redness, warmth, fluctuance if abscess
  • Persistent pain and drainage w/deeper infection of soft tissue or bone
  • Streaky erythema w/lymphangitis
  • Murmur if endocarditis