Joints| Hepatitis B

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Risk Factors

  • Vertical spread
  • Shared needles
  • Spread via sexual contact
  • Needle sticks in health care workers
  • Unscreened blood transfusion
  • ~5% of acute infxn become chronic
  • Long term risk cirrhosis and HCC


  • Incubation 1-4m
  • Many are asymptomatic
  • Acute infxn can cause N, V, malaise, jaundice, RUQ pain
  • Typically self limited, resolving 2-3m
  • A small group develop symmetric inflammatory arthritis MCPs, PIPs, knees ankles that resolves in few weeks

Physical Exam Findings

  • Icterus
  • RUQ pain
  • Acute findings can include jaundice
  • Symmetric inflammatory arthritis MCPs, PIPs, knees, ankles