Anemia - A Kinetic Approach

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  • Anemia - A Kinetic Approach


  • The kinetic model focuses on disorders affecting RBC lifespan, including: production, destruction (consumption or hemolysis), and loss
  • Another common schema is based on the morphology of red cells (microcytic, normocytic, macrocytic)
  • Bleeding disorders can contribute to anemia from other causes


  • Weakness, fatigue, sob, doe
  • Degree of sx based on acuity of anemia (i.e. acute--> more symptoms), other co-morbid dz processes (e.g. anemia superimposed on another illness like CHF will generate more symptoms at higher HgB), general activity level (i.e. if relatively inactive, will have fewer symptoms).

Physical Exam Findings

  • Degree of VS abnormality based on acuity and ability to compensate
  • Conjunctival pallor
  • Other findings based on etiolgoy (e.g. blood in stool if GI bleeding)