AKI| Post-Renal Obstruction

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  • AKI| Post-Renal Obstruction


  • At level of ureters usually unilateral--> stone, cancer
  • Bilateral typically at level of bladder--> severe BPH, neurogenic bladder, bladder neck stricture, clot retention
  • Rarely bilateral obstruction from processes involving both ureters--> retroperitoneal fibrosis, sigmoid cancer


  • Can be acute w/pain if obstruction happened suddenly - and unable to void
  • Often more subtle if slowly progressive, as w/BPH (e.g. frequency, urgency, nocturia, decreased force of stream)
  • Fatigue, confusion, shortness of breath

Physical Exam Findings

  • Sometime palpable bladder
  • Peripheral edema, pulmonary edema if advanced