Cancer|Solid Tumors (selected)

Solid tumors causing palpable adenopathy typically reflects local spread. LNs are typically firm, fixed and stuck to one another. Many cancers can cause adenopathy which can't be palpated (e.g. mediastinal or retroperitoneal nodes).

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  • Cancer|Solid Tumors (selected)


  • Breast cancer: first site of spread is often ipsilateral axilla
  • Head and Neck squamous cell: first spreads to ipsilateral lymph nodes of neck
  • Thyroid cancer: first spreads to ipsilateral lymph nodes of neck
  • Melanoma: first spread can be to nearest lymph nodes (e.g. inguinal, axillary); though as progresses, can present anywhere
  • Advanced lung, esophageal cancer: Right supraclavicular nodes
  • Advanced lung, lymphoma, gastric, other intra-abdominal cancer: Left supraclavicular (Virchow's) nodes
  • Advanced intra-abdominal (e.g. colon): Periumbilical (Sister Mary Josephs) nodes