IBD Associated

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  • IBD Associated

Risk Factors

  • Known IBD
  • Onset 30s
  • M>f


  • If not known to have IBD, then concomitant GI symptoms and pain, diarrhea, cramps, bloody stools, wt loss
  • Large or small joints; few or polyarticular
  • Often asymmetric
  • Can also have chronic LBP, morning stiffness
  • Arthritis affects 20-30% of those w/IBD
  • Joint symptoms dont parallel IBD activity
  • DVT: risk markedly increased w/IBD flair, immobility and/or hospitalization

Physical Exam Findings

  • Red, warm, pain w/movement
  • Sometimes dactylitis→ finger/toe swelling
  • Enthesiitis→ tendon insertion pain/swelling