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  • Trauma
  • Osteoporosis (see link below)
  • Cancer-->pathological fracture
  • Combinations of these factors (e.g. osteoporosis + trauma)

Risk Factors

  • High force injury
  • Osteoporosis--> related to age, post-menapausal state for women, prior osteoporosis related fracture, other factors (see link below)
  • Malignancy w/predilection for bone


  • Acute pain, worse by any movement
  • Neuro deficits (weakness, numbness, incontinence, etc) if fracture associated with cord or nerve root impingement/compression

Physical Exam Findings

  • Patient often in obvious pain w/any movement
  • Pain on palpation over fracture
  • Neuro deficits if roots or cord compressed