Lung Abscess

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  • Lung Abscess


  • Often related to aspiration
  • Also embolic events, anatomically abnormal areas (e.g. bronchiectasis)
  • Can be polymycrobial w/anaerobes (if aspiration); also staph (necrotizing), other bacteria, fungi, or mycobacteria.

Risk Factors

  • Aspiration due to swallowing problems
  • Drug/etoh abuse (altered consciousness)
  • Other immuno-compromised states (e.g. DM)


  • Fever, chill
  • Cough, sob, sputum production
  • Weight loss, fatigue
  • Can be acute or indolent--> w/progressive symptoms for weeks to months

Physical Exam Findings

  • Fever
  • Can have abnormal lung exam (bronchial breath sounds, egophany, dullness) in affected area