Nephrotic Syndrome| Other Systemic Diseases

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  • Nephrotic Syndrome| Other Systemic Diseases


  • Other systemic disease that cause nephropathy include: multiple myeloma, HIV, hepatitis B

Risk Factors

  • For HV and Hep B: MSM, IVDU, sex w/prostitutes, sex without barrier protection with persons known to have HIV/Hep B or high risk; vertical spread for Hep B; unvaccinated state for Hep B
  • For myeloma: age > 50, MGUS


  • Fatigue, edema, SOB from nephropathy
  • Symptoms from HIV (based on level of disease) or Hep B (ie related to cirrhosis)
  • Bone pain, fatigue, weight loss, systemically feeling poorly with myeloma

Physical Exam Findings

  • Edema
  • Many findings associated w/advanced HIV
  • Findings of advanced liver disease w/Hep B (icterus, jaundice, spiders, ascites)