EVALI (E-cigarette Vaping Assoc Lung Injury)

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  • EVALI (E-cigarette Vaping Assoc Lung Injury)


  • Associated with ? oils, impurities or other elements within vaped products
  • Precise etiology as yet unclear

Risk Factors

  • Most are associated w/vaping CBD products (80+%), though can happen w/nicotine products
  • Most vape qd, though RF is vaping within past 3m
  • Most are young (the population who vape), with no underlying lung disease or other sig medical hx


  • Acute cough, sob, fever
  • 80% will have GI sx (N, V, diarrhea)
  • Can progress rapidly; 1/3 of those admitted got intubated
  • Very similar to other presentations for acute lung infection (e.g. community acquired pneumonia, influenza)

Physical Exam Findings

  • Can have have fever, tachycardia, tachypnea, low O2 sat (severity varies)
  • Often bilateral focal lung findings suggestive consolidation