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  • Leptospirosis


  • Spirochete
  • Contract via exposure to infected rodent/small mammal urine

Risk Factors

  • Can be acquired anywhere, in partic Carribean, Southeast Asia, Central America, Sub-tropics
  • Enters body via inhalation, mucosal exposure, skin break
  • Often via wading in fresh water


  • Incubation days to several weeks
  • Most get mild dz→ self limited f, c, ha, confusion, n, v, muscle aches
  • Severe dz f, c, sob, cough, hemoptysis (pulmonary hemorrhage), renal failure, jaundice, sepsis
  • Weil Syndrome: severe form of leptospirosis with AKI, liver failure, pulmonary and other organ involvement

Physical Exam Findings

  • Conjunctival injection
  • Sometimes transient petechial rash, can involve palate
  • Severe dz with hepatic, CNS and renal involvement, pulmonary hemorrhage, jaundice, and icterus