Iritis/Anterior Uveitis

Inflammation involving the front part of the eye (iris, ciliary body)

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  • Iritis/Anterior Uveitis


  • Assoc w/autoimmune dz→ ankylosing spond, sarcoid, reactive arthritis, behcet's dz, IBD
  • Infxn→ HSV, secondary syphillis, VZV, TB; often idiopathic


  • Acute
  • Often painful
  • Photophobia
  • Impaired vision

Physical Exam Findings

  • Decreased acuity
  • Irreg appearance of pupil
  • Circumferential redness at cornea-sclera junction
  • Sometimes layered pus in anterior chamber→ hypopyon
  • Other systemic manifestations of the primary disease
  • Can have pan-uveitis