Dry Eyes

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  • Dry eyes


  • Insufficient amount of tears: aging, decline in lacrimal gland fxn, meds, contact lens use, lacrimal gland obstruction, other
  • Excessive evaporation of tears: contact lens use, insufficient blink rate, meds, allergic disorders of eye surface, other
  • Primary or Secondary (e.g. assoc w/SLE, RA) Sjogren's Syndrome

Risk Factors

  • Any process causing chronic eye surface inflammation (allergic, auto-immune, other)
  • Increased age, women > men
  • Chronic wind exposure, low humidity, warm temperatures can exacerbate dry eyes from any cause


  • Chronic discomfort/irritation, sense of dryness, light sensitivity, foreign body sensation
  • Sometimes blurry vision

Physical Exam Findings

  • Sometimes bilateral redness