Eosinophilic Pna (acute And Chronic)

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  • Eosinophilic Pna (acute and chronic)


  • Rare, idiopathic d/o assoc w/infiltration of lung w/esos
  • Acute variant w/more rapid infiltration of lung compared w/chronic

Risk Factors

  • Acute variant: avg 20s, m>>f, active smoking
  • Chronic variant: w>m, hx asthma


  • Acute variant: acute (over days to few weeks), severe, f, cough, sob, sputum; eos on labs
  • Chronic variant: sub-acute to chronic (typically over > 2w) cough, sob, wheezing; typically not severe; sometimes wt loss/systemic sx; eos on labs
  • Often delays in dx as rx for copd/asthma/pneumonia

Physical Exam Findings

  • Acute variant: f, abnormal vital signs, diffuse rales
  • Chronic variant: sometimes wheezing, rales