Mesenteric Ischemia (acute Arterial)

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  • Mesenteric ischemia (acute arterial)


  • Atherosclerosis
  • Emboli
  • SMA Syndrome - very rare condition where SMA compressed by duodenum - associated w/rapid weight loss, scoliosis surgery--> change in anatomic relationships

Risk Factors

  • Hx known atherosclerosis or Rfs
  • Rfs for embolic disease→ a fib, ventricular thrombus, acute low BP/low flow superimposed on atherosclerosis
  • Hypercoaguble states (in particular, anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome)
  • Vasculitis: PAN, Behcets, Takayasu's Arteritis, HSP (IgA vasculitis)


  • Progressive
  • Severe generalized pain
  • If vasculitis associated (relatively uncommon) then often other symptoms related to the specific disorder

Physical Exam Findings

  • Few exam findings/pain out of proportion to findings
  • Severe illness if progresses to necrosis