Testicular Torsion

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  • Testicular Torsion


  • Bell-clapper deformity, with abnormal attachment of testicle to tunica vaginalis, enabling testicle and cord to twist more easily
  • Twisting leads to ischemia and infarct (if not fixed)

Risk Factors

  • Males < 6m and 10-20yo are at greatest risk
  • Though can occur at any age


  • N
  • V
  • Male w/acute, severe, unilateral pain in the scrotum
  • May have had prior episodes

Physical Exam Findings

  • Very painful, sometimes swollen testicle
  • Sometimes overlying skin is inflamed/indurated
  • Sometimes testis lies higher in the scrotum than typical
  • Sometimes testis is in a more horizontal orientation than normal