Von Willebrand Disease VWD (Acquired)


  • Much less common than hereditary form
  • Caused by mechanical and other forces that disrupt VWF factor function
  • Avg age 60s, assoc w/myeloproliferative disorders, multiple myeloma or mgus, hypothyroidism, c/v dz w/high shear forces→ abnl valves, VSDs, LVADs, other
  • Meds→ cipro, valproate; other

Risk Factors

  • Meds or mechanical issues as described above


  • Later in life spontaneous mucocutanous bleeding→ gums, nosebleeds
  • GI bleeding from angiodysplasia (higher shear forces in these vessels unmasks the disease); Heyde's syndrome--> GI bleeding from angiodypasia associated w/Aortic Stenosis
  • Excessive bleeding during/after surgical procedures, trauma, dental extraction, w/menstruation
  • Also sx related to underlying primary process